Yeah, age is just a number. However… for many people, blowing out 50 candles is a milestone that can undermine our confidence. As we age, skin doesn’t bounce back like it did, and we start to notice more irregular pigmentation, while fine lines deepen to draw a map of past adventures. But by combining the right non-surgical ‘tweakments’ with good diet, exercise, and plenty of rest – it’s quite possible to feel face fearless beyond 50. Without going under the knife.

Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers have come a long way in recent years – with fantastic results when it comes to removing fine lines and wrinkles, contouring areas of the face or adding youthful volume. Microneedling and chemical peels can soften wrinkles and help to lift and tighten skin. An experienced Cosmetic Registered Nurse can recommend and combine these to help you look fresh and youthful on the outside, and full of confidence on the inside.

So what are the most popular, non-surgical cosmetic procedures at Ivy Clinic, if you’re over 50? Here’s a top five countdown of our favourite non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and how they can enhance your natural beauty at any age, without looking over-done or fake.


5) Chemical peels

Chemical peels can give you beautiful results with minimum fuss, by treating some common concerns associated with ageing. From lines, to sun damage and hyperpigmentation and loss of elasticity, chemical peels can help to smooth and tighten skin and even out its tone. Peels are designed to boost your glow by lifting away dull, dead skin cells, and revving up the production of fresh skin, for a clearer, smoother and rejuvenated look. Medium and deep chemical peels resurface the deeper layers of skin, and can soften fine lines and wrinkles. Our therapists will recommend a chemical peel that addresses your particular skin concerns. We recommend a peel at least once a month, combined with good home care, to maintain those smooth, dewy results.


4) Dermapen Microneedling

Utilising the power of tiny, precise punctures in a germ-free environment, microneedling causes microtrauma to the skin. The body immediately leaps into action to heal and repair those tiny injuries, by triggering collagen and elastin production. This process rejuvenates your skin and increases cell turnover, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and enhancing the skin’s overall texture. The result is a more youthful and plump appearance that lasts. We recommend a solid six treatments or more in slightly older skin for a great result.


3) Profhilo

Using a series of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid injections, Profhilo supports firmness and elasticity, improving skin tone, texture, hydration, and glow. It can be used on the face, neck and décolleté. Despite being injectable, Profhilo is different from dermal fillers, in the way the body metabolises this form of hyaluronic acid by producing natural collagen and elastin. When injected by our highly experienced Cosmetic Registered Nurse, it’s fantastic for tightening and plumping skin, without adding volume. Developed in Italy, the treatment is a recent addition to the non-surgical age fighting arsenal – and we love the results we’ve seen in 50+ skin.


2) Dermal fillers

In second place… After about 40, the body produces far less collagen and elastin – the proteins that keep skin smooth and firm. The good news is, that dermal fillers can work wonders to plump up the contours of the face. A gel-like substance full of hyaluronic acid goodness (great for hydration) is artistically administered to areas that are depleted in volume, giving a plumper, more youthful look. Perfect for the jowls, upper lip and cheeks (just to name a few) – there are many ways to apply fillers to refresh and lift the face. Ivy Clinic’s Cosmetic Registered Nurses are consummate professionals at the fine art and science of filler choice and placement.


1) Anti-wrinkle injectables (aka Botox)

And taking out the top spot… Here at Ivy Clinic, we love Botox and Dysport anti-wrinkle injectables for their ability to treat dynamic wrinkles (those lines caused by expressions) like the frown lines (the elevenses) forehead wrinkles and laugh lines around the eyes. Using a tiny needle, our Cosmetic Registered Nurse expertly injects botulinum toxin type A into specific facial muscle sites – temporarily blocking signals from the nerve that cause facial muscles to contract. You’ll start to notice the difference after 7-10 days as lines and wrinkles start to soften, which lasts around 4 months, depending on the area treated.


If you’d like to know more about how our top 5 non-surgical treatments could help you get your glow back – book a free consultation with a super experienced Cosmetic Registered Nurse.

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