Ivy Clinic Director Ebony comes absolutely barefaced clean about her own Botox journey.

“The starting point for getting botox (and other injectable ‘tweakments’ is going to be different for everyone. Just like we each have a different set of reasons for getting Botox, which will evolve at different stages of our lives.”

“For a start, we don’t all age at the same way or at the same rate. So I think it’s important to hold off on judging someone who decides to get Botox at 26, versus 56 years of age. We’re all unique and each have our own story.”


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“If you’re wondering what sort of 26-year-old starts getting Botox, the answer is, me. Why so early? Well, let me tell you…”

The start of my Botox journey

“I’d caught myself in the mirror while talking to someone one day, and suddenly realised I had resting forehead lines – at the tender young age of 26! Was I ageing prematurely, was it sun exposure, or was I just overly expressive?”

“After catastrophising just a little, I realised, by checking out my family members’ foreheads, that it was most likely genetics. Turns out we’re all massive forehead muscle users. Better than being the frown family, I guess, but still…”

Finding a solution

“So I did my research and found Dr Frost at Face Value (who’s now Ivy Clinic’s prescribing doctor). He expertly injected 11 units of Botox to calm the over-active wrinkle-making muscles in my forehead. Within just two weeks, my lines had diminished. Just as importantly, I felt amazing, and no longer self-conscious about my wrinkly forehead.”


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“Since that first treatment, I’ve had four-monthly Botox treatments to my forehead muscles, which has kept those deep lines at bay. When I hit my 30s I added frown lines (aka ‘the elevens’) and crow’s feet to my treatment regime, but not as frequently, as I need less in these areas. This upkeep also helps prevent dynamic wrinkles appearing in the first place.”

 The results

“As a minimal makeup wearer, I love the fresher look that Botox gives me, opening my eyes a little more and giving me a smoother complexion. But it’s not all just about the ‘tox – good skin care should always come first! Botox is just the cherry on top.”


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“I can’t stress enough how important it is to talk to an experienced cosmetic injectables practitioner, to make sure the treatment you’re after is right for you. It’s your face – your genetics, muscle usage and the way you age is unique. Any treatments recommended – including Botox – should give you good bang for your buck, and boost your confidence.

If you’re anything like me, I think you’ll love it!”

Ebony Hornibrook