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The Ivy Clinic story

It was kismet. In 2016, Kaylie Harrison, Cosmetic Registered Nurse, and Physiotherapist Ebony Hornibrook, met at work, as people often do. Ebony was an advocate for the benefits of subtle, preventative injectables, while Kaylie was researching the transformative and confidence boosting power of appearance medicine. Over a glass (or two) of Central Otago wine, they talked about what they felt was missing in New Zealand’s appearance medicine landscape.

Their answer was to launch the Ivy Clinic – a fresh, contemporary, skin and appearance medicine clinic delivering advanced, well researched treatment in a low-key luxe environment. Offering world-class service in smaller New Zealand cities, for real Kiwis. The kind of place they’d go themselves.

With a collective 70+ years in the industry, the Ivy Clinic team has experienced and tested plenty of machines, treatments, and product ranges. We’ve handpicked only those we believe are safe, worth it, and have actually been shown to get results. To take the best possible care of our customers, all our Cosmetic Registered Nurses and therapists are well qualified, highly trained and get ongoing support and mentoring.

We do solemnly swear to uphold these three mantras, always.

Build your confidence

For us, it’s not only how you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside. We provide a welcoming, judgement-free space and effective treatments that build your glow of inner confidence by helping you have great skin days, every day. 

Respect what your mama gave ya

You’re unique, and we love that. We strive to enhance your natural beauty without making you look ‘not like you’. We’ll only recommend treatments and products for you that we believe are most effective for your concerns. 

Keep it real real

You deserve honest, attainable skin treatments that get visible results. We always start by listening. We’ll never give you the hard sell, overpromise, subscribe to an unattainable ‘look’, judge you or make you feel flawed. 

Cosmetic Registered Nurse & Ivy Clinic Director

Kaylie Harrison

Busy mum, beach lover & sunscreen evangelist

One of Ivy Clinic’s ‘Mothers’, Kaylie packs a lot into her life. From chaotic mornings getting herself and two little people out the door, to busy days with the amazing Ivy Clinic team, and squeezing in some Pilates, yoga or long walks.

Her passion for caring for people comes from 20 years of hospital nursing, and makes her proud to create a clinic environment that makes people feel happy. She’s a sucker for a 60-minute Luxe Deluxe facial tailored by our experienced skin therapists, supported by a touch of strategically placed Botox. And swears by sunscreen (50 spf) and broad brimmed hats as her top anti-ageing strategy.  

Off duty, Kaylie’s most happy laughing with friends and whanau at the beach, or at home surrounded by mountains, immersed in native bush and birdsong. But she also craves a good holiday – and one day plans a long-term visit to New York. 

“The Ultraceuticals replenishing mask is easy care for dehydrated skin! You can put it on with your eyes half closed after a long day, sleep in it and wash it off in the shower.”

Operations Manager & Ivy Clinic Director

Ebony Hornibrook

Loves pairing pizza with Dom Perignon

Ivy Clinic co-founder Ebony has worked in wellness since 2007 as a physiotherapist. Our resident earlybird starts the day with a sweaty gym, boxing or running session. Then it’s admin, meetings, and managing our marketing – unwinding afterwards with a glass of wine and a good book. Winter finds her on the slopes, and in summer she’s messing about on the lake or in the ocean when she gets the chance.

Ebony’s all about boosting confidence, and giving our clients access to honest advice, and treatments that make them feel fantastic. With Ivy Clinic, she’s realising her goal of a boutique, intimate and nurturing appearance medicine clinic – the kind of place she’d go herself. 

A great night would include a boogie on the dancefloor, or serving pizza with Dom Perignon. When travel becomes simpler, she’s planning a long-overdue trip to French wine country – to wear a summer dress, go barefoot and drink rosé in the setting sun. 

Ebony’s good beauty habits – like applying sun protection and cleansing thoroughly – were instilled by her my mum and older sister in her teens. But for beauty bang for buck, she won’t go past a dash of Botox for being quick and super effective. 

“A professional acid peel at least once a month keeps skin bright and fresh.” 

Senior Skin Therapist - Queenstown

Catherine Stewart

Throws a killer fantasy soiree

One of the Ivy Clinic crew since 2019, Catherine cut her teeth in a five-star spa as a massage and beauty therapist, venturing into skin therapy in 2011. With her background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she incorporates her acupressure massage skills into a mix of treatments for the face and body. 

Passionate about treating skin holistically, Catherine often shares tried and true lifestyle advice, plus beauty hacks that are outside the box. She’s a huge advocate for Dermapen microneedling for conditions like pigmentation and scarring. But her biggest tip is sipping plenty of water. 

A true night owl, Catherine dreams of hosting a 10-course degustation (fancy!). As it’s her fantasy, she’d invite Russell Brand, the Dalai Lama, Robin Williams, Emma Thompson, Jeff Buckley, Heston Blumenthal, Kate Winslet, and Tom Hardy – for humour, spirituality, culinary prowess, banter, star power and good looks.

“I love using cosmeceutical products (with scientifically proven ingredients) and microneedling to achieve fantastic results.”

Senior Skin Therapist - Queenstown

Isabella Desbonnets-Wright (call me Bells)

Living a foodie life with a French accent

With Ivy Clinic since 2019, Bells has worked in the beauty industry since 1987. Her passion was ignited by her mum – a nurse who established a respected health and beauty clinic in Wellington – and her skills honed during 15 years working in Dubai.

A day in her life includes walking the beautiful hills of Arrowtown and Lake Hayes. Summertime might find Bells boating on the lake, while winter is reserved for ski sessions on Coronet Peak (on a good day).

As a teenager holidaying with the French side of the family, her eyes were opened to the intriguing world of French perfume and the culture’s emphasis on ‘au naturelle’ beauty. Her favourite treatment has be to the A-zyme Performance Plus facial with LED, for its hydrating, plumping and brightening effects.

This born and bred foodie’s happy place is at home in Arrowtown with the fire roaring, good wine and friends. She’ll prepare a hearty French Cassoulet ahead of time, so she can relax and enjoy their company. Next to loved ones, Bells most treasures her vintage Christian Lacroix coat, a special piece of art and her precious French tapestry. 

“Good skin is the foundation for beauty. Less is more. Look for good quality skin products and treatments that give you results.”

Admin & Reception

Karen Savery

Beauty egalitarian and perfume addict

Part of the Ivy Clinic crew since 2020, it’s Karen’s beaming smile that welcomes our clients, and her admin smarts that keep the place humming. She loves working alongside great people and making sure our clients are getting the very best experience. Off-duty, her favourite relax time is hanging out with Ivy the cavoodle. (Hmm, coincidence…?).

Her husband’s desire to live in the mountains brought her to Queenstown, although she admits her happy place is Phuket beach. Her ultimate night in would include ‘plenty of Central Otago Pinot Noir, a massive cheese board and good chat with Michelle and Barack (Obama)’.

Karen recommends a regular Hydrobrasion Facial, for a bright, healthy skin result. A bit of a fragrance aficionado, she’s obsessed with Living Light candles and Zadig & Voltaire’s ‘Girls can do Anything’ perfume.

“Having worked in two gorgeous day spas and seeing the sheer pleasure that our visitors enjoyed from great services, I realised this should never be just for the high society elite. I believe we can all benefit from taking care of our skin and general wellbeing."

Senior Skin Therapist - Invercargill

Veronica Kapene

Zen seeker & beauty alchemist

Meet Veronica, the radiant force behind Ivy Clinic Invercargill's skincare magic. Veronica brings over two decades of industry prowess and a passion for enhancing skin health.

With a journey that spans from her early days in Australia to traversing through Ireland and England, Veronica's global experiences have enriched her approach to beauty therapy. After a decade in the Wakatipu region, she ventured to Invercargill, where she divides her time between Ivy Clinic and teaching Beauty Therapy at Te Pukenga (SIT).

A day in Veronica's life is a symphony of wellness and joy. Mornings commence with meditation and a workout session. At Ivy Clinic, she revels in meeting diverse individuals, curating personalised skin solutions, and delving into new modalities and product ranges.

Beyond the clinic, Veronica finds solace in the countryside, walking her loyal companion Tyson. A self proclaimed sunrise enthusiast and a movie buff, who likes any excuse to pop on the heels and get dressed up.

"I love to educate clients to help them achieve their best skin, not only topically but holistically too. Homecare is self care. Equally important is good friends, movement, good food, sleep and of course good laughs!"

Skin Therapist - Invercargill

Sherice Drain

Ivy Clinic’s ultimate peel queen

Sherice has been working in the aesthetics industry since 2018, and with us at Ivy Clinic’s Invercargill location since 2023. With a passion for skin and beauty, dedicated Skin Therapist Sherice loves making people feel absolutely gorgeous, watching them gain new confidence in their skin and see real results.

It wasn't until she moved back to New Zealand from a stint in Australia, that she began her beauty training and discovered it was so much more than ‘just nails and makeup’. She also realised how much she loves understanding anatomy and physiology, and using her knowledge to make people look good.

Her favourite treatments on offer at Ivy Clinic, are any of the extremely effective peels we offer. Sherice adores the alchemy of customising each treatment to her client’s particular skin concerns, and seeing how much skin improves in response to her TLC.

 “The beauty tip I swear by, is carrying a bottle of hydrating skin mist in my handbag to give my skin an instant refresher and rehydrate throughout the day.” 

Cosmetic Registered Nurse - Invercargill

Beatrix Borrie

Beauty queen, book worm & budding green thumb.

Beatrix is the creative and compassionate Cosmetic Registered Nurse at Ivy Clinic Invercargill with a nursing career that started in 2018.

Her day often begins with a burst of energy, hitting the gym for a HIIT class. She then hits the clinic, where she combines her medical expertise and artistic flair to help clients achieve their skin and aesthetics goals.

When she's not at the clinic, Beatrix finds peace in her garden, striving to develop her green thumb and cultivate a garden full of vibrant flowers. Her weekends are relaxed and spontaneous, often filled with hanging out with friends over a glass of wine or getting lost in a book.

Beatrix's passion for beauty started as a child, experimenting with her mums beauty products. In 2010, she discovered the world of makeup through YouTube beauty gurus, sparking her creative journey.

Beatrix's role as a cosmetic RN is about more than a profession; it's about helping people feel good both inside and out. Her creativity, dedication, and zest for life make her an invaluable member of the Ivy Clinic team.

"I believe looking good makes people feel good, and I'm dedicated to helping clients boost their self-confidence".