Specialists in advanced non-surgical skin care treatments to enhance, restore and revitalise your natural beauty


Botox® / Dysport®

BOTOX® is an FDA-approved injectable that works to relax and lift facial muscles, resulting in smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.

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Treatments by Concern

  • Wrinkles, frown lines or crows feet
  • Lack lustre lips & smokers lines
  • Facial folds, sagging skin or droopy jowls
  • Hollow cheeks, jowling, sagging
  • Scarring, uneven skin texture and tone
  • Excessive sweating
  • Dehydration, pigmentation, acne, redness


Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are the perfect treatment choice for you if you require more volume in your face, or you’re concerned about wrinkles and general ageing of the skin. After treatment, you’ll look subtly refreshed with plumper, softer skin.

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Dermapen® for Collagen Induction Therapy

An advanced skin treatment creating tiny punctures in the surface layer of the skin that stimulates collagen formation. Treatment helps tighten the skin and restore elasticity. Soften fine lines and reduce the appearance of scarring, pigmentation and sun damage.

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Lip enhancement

Dermal fillers are extremely effective for lip reshaping, volumising, glamourising and hydration. With softer, plumper and more defined lips we can help create a more youthful smile and confidence in your appearance.

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Skincare Products - Ultraceuticals

A combination of sophisticated, patented delivery systems and potent, proven anti-ageing stars like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), each product is formulated with maximum safety and effectiveness, so you get results which you can actually see.

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Skin Therapy

Not just your average skin treatments. Ivy Clinic deliver a world class, scientifically lead skin programme combining the internationally renowned cosmeceutical brand, Ultraceuticals, with expert skin therapists to give clients not just a beautiful experience but amazing results.

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Botox for excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be both embarrassing and place a huge burden on your lifestyle. The condition is termed Hyperhidrosis and can be treated effectively with Botox®.

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Ivy League Packages and Payment Plans

Sign up to any one of our great plans and you’ll automatically become a member of our IVY LEAGUE for the duration of your plan. Enjoy all the benefits that our membership offers and choose a repayment plan that suits you best.

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“The whole experience at IVY Clinic was so pleasant and calming. You’ve created heaven on earth. Thank you”.


“I absolutely love how my lips have settled. I’m over the moon with the results, they look natural but fuller. I really admired how you took your time and did not rush the procedure, this was definitely the most painless procedure I’ve had with anyone.

I’m very thankful and relieved that you have opened Ivy & I now don’t have to worry about losing my confidence because of deflated lips haha .. (sad but true!). I’ll definitely be recommending you to everyone!”

– T –

“The welcome I got at Ivy Clinic was amazing, so warm and friendly. Kaylie made me feel really at ease because I was so nervous and had a million questions. I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to try out more treatments on the menu”.


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