Cosmelan MD

Beautiful for: Effectively treating hyperpigmentation, irregular skin tone, sun spots, acne scars (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), and stubborn melasma, while restoring skin’s texture and glow. 

Clients often come to us feeling deflated, after trying expensive hyperpigmentation treatments that – if anything – have made their pigmentation worse. The world's leading depigmentation treatment, Cosmelan MD treats the problem from its origin. The active ingredients in the peel and cream together act on all stages of melanin production, eliminating visible hyperpigmentation and preventing the new dark spots from appearing.

Cosmelan MD is a 3-6 month programme designed to target all types of pigmentation concerns, including hard-to-shift melasma. It’s suitable for most skin types and tones. As well as reducing and normalising pigment, it dramatically improves skin tone and texture generally.

It’s a two-step depigmentation treatment where your expert therapist applies the Cosmelan 1 peel at Ivy Clinic, then you manage regular after care with Cosmelan 2 at-home maintenance cream.

For more information on Cosmelan, book a free consultation at Ivy Clinic with a specialist Registered Nurse.

Tell me about Cosmelan

How does it work?

Cosmelan is an all-in-one depigmentation treatment that’s effective in the short and long-term thanks to its two key actions:
Corrective: Cosmelan removes deposits of melanin pigment in the skin’s upper layers.
Regulating: Cosmelan acts directly in the melanocytes (cells where melanin is produced), to control and normalise melanin production.

What happens during a Cosmelan peel?

Before: We usually recommend you stop using certain products, such as retinoids or glycolic acids, for a week or more before your appointment.

During: Your therapist will thoroughly cleanse your skin and then apply the Cosmelan 1 mask. You wear the mask home, and leave it on for 8–10 hours, depending on your skin type and sensitivity. Then simply use a mild cleanser to remove the mask.

After: You start applying cream twice daily, 5-7 days post initial

What’s involved?

The Cosmelan® treatment schedule has four phases. It’s a long-term commitment to reduce pigmentation that’s most effective when you follow the protocol.

Phase 1: Intensive Depigmentation (in clinic)

Phase 2:
Continuous Depigmentation (home care)

Phase 3:
Regulation of Hyperpigmentation (home care)

Phase 4:
Control of Reappearance (home care)

Anything I need to be aware of?

It’s common to feel warm and tingly, and normal for the mask to start flaking off after a few hours. Cosmelan can be irritating for people with sensitive skin. Don’t combine Cosmelan with other lightening agents, glycolic acid, or retinoids. You’ll also need to avoid the sun during and after treatment, as sun exposure exacerbates melasma and can undo all your good work. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss whether it’s the right treatment for you.

Before & After Care

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