We're all about boosting your beauty, but there are times when even we, your cosmetic injectable gurus, say "hold up, babe!" Let's dive into those moments when dermal fillers might need to take a rain check.

🚫 Pregnant or Breastfeeding: You're creating life and nurturing a tiny human – major kudos! But this is a time to focus on you and your bundle of joy. Fillers have not been tested on pregnant patients and we aren't in the business of risk taking therefore it's best to wait until you're back in full glam mode before you venture into fillers. 

🚫 Recent or Planned Dental Work: Pearly whites getting a touch-up? We're all smiles for that, but hold off on fillers until your dazzling dental work is done and settled. We want those injections to be as smooth as your post-dentist teeth minus the risk of complications such as infection - (2 weeks pre & post dental work). 

🚫 Jet-Setting Globetrotter: Who doesn't love a jet-setting adventure? But if you've got overseas travel plans make sure you schedule your filler at least 3 weeks before your big OE. Should any complications arise, these time frames allow for expert and speedy treatment on the ground rather than in-flight or overseas.  

🚫 Allergic Reactions: Let's keep the glam drama-free! If you've had allergic reactions to dermal fillers, lidocaine, or hyaluronidase in the past, it's a no-go for now. Safety first, always.

🚫 Feeling Under the Weather: Sniffles? Aches? Save the filler for when you're back in action, feeling fabulous. Your immune system needs all the energy to fight off those pesky germs.

🚫 Infection, Sunburn, or Skin Drama: We're all about that skin-loving life, but active infections, sunburns, cold sores or broken skin need a timeout. Let's heal up before we bring on the glow.

🚫 Autoimmune or Chronic MVPs: We have the upmost respect for all our warriors battling autoimmune or chronic conditions. If your condition is under control then check in with you doc and get the all clear for fillers. However, if you are experiencing an active flare up, let's focus on keeping your beauty routine gentle and skin-happy until all is settled and then we can regroup. 

🚫 Special Event Alert: Got a big bash or milestone on the horizon? We totally get wanting to shine, but timing is key. Let those injections settle for a bit before your grand entrance.

🚫 Buzz Off, Allergies!: If you've had a run-in with a bee or wasp that left you in full-on allergy mode – girl, you know the drill. Severe anaphylaxis to bee or wasp stings means we're keeping those fillers on hold, we've got plenty of other beauty options in our arsenal for you.

🚫 Laser or Chemical Peels: So you're planning to hit up the latest laser treatment or indulge in some intense chemical peels? We're all for it, but let's keep the fillers in the cosmetic closet for now. Give your skin the space it needs to recover before we jump back into the injectable game.

🚫 Facial Surgery or Implants: If you've gone through the surgical route to enhance your beauty or for medical reasons let's give those facial corrections the VIP recovery time they deserve. In some instances filler may still be a no go, so we ask you seek medical clearance before we start working our filler magic.

So, lovely, remember: patience is the name of the game when it comes to these situations. Your beauty journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to your favourite cosmetic injectable expert, and they'll have your back, and your beauty, in check. Stay fabulous and remember, you're a walking, talking work of art – fillers or not! 🌟💉🎨