Considering a cosmetic procedure like Botox® or dermal fillers? It's a big decision, and finding the right cosmetic injector is key. To help guide you, we've put together some important questions to ask and factors to consider before making your choice.



EXPERIENCE MATTERS (and so does up-skilling)

Selecting a cosmetic Injector with a wealth of experience is paramount. The art of injecting involves a deep understanding of facial aesthetics and anatomy. However, it's not just about their years in practice but their commitment to expanding their expertise. Inquire about their their ongoing education, advanced training and who provides their clinical oversight (if a nurse). This information will give you an idea of the quality of training, mentorship and support provided to the injector. 

At Ivy Clinic our Cosmetic Registered Nurses are dedicated to staying at the forefront of injectable techniques, constantly keeping up with industry advancements. They are under the watchful gaze of cosmetic injectables guru Dr Philip Frost and have regular training with industry leaders.  


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Feeling comfortable with your cosmetic injector is essential. Does the injector offer a complimentary consultation? This is a chance to gauge their personality and assess if your goals align. Are they attentive to your concerns and the outcomes you desire from the treatment?

A post-treatment rapport is just as important—will they continue to support you, follow up, and adjust treatment results if needed? Communication matters, as building a relationship with your injector over time can be immensely beneficial. A consistent injector gets to know your unique facial structure and preferences thoroughly.

At Ivy Clinic we have complimentary consultations with our injectors as well as follow ups and reviews. We also offer after hours support post treatment should you have any queries or concerns. 


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Quick Tips:

- your injector looks 'normal'

- they aren't afraid to say no!

- they aren't all about sell, sell, sell

- don't make your decision based on price

 "Pay for the injector, not the ml"




Alignment with your injector is crucial since outcomes differ between providers. In the realm of aesthetics, there's no universal approach; it's not a one-size-fits-all situation. While in search of an injector, it's wise to examine their referrals and reviews. If you have acquaintances who frequently visit a cosmetic injector, begin by inquiring about their experiences and collecting insights. This method can serve as a dependable and straightforward means to locate a high-quality injector. Furthermore, check out their before-and-after photos which showcases the injector's capabilities, allowing you to assess if their artistic sensibility and skillset harmonise with your aesthetic aspirations*


*Few clients consent to their before & afters being published on social media therefore during your consult ask the injector to show you their portfolio of before & afters. 



Transparency regarding the products being used is crucial. Make sure the injector's chosen products adhere to FDA guidelines and regulations. It's important to be aware that unregulated injectable products are available from overseas at lower prices so don't be afraid to ask your injector to show you the packaging of the product that is being used. 

At Ivy Clinic, we only use gold standard injectable products from well known providers such as Allergan and Galderma.



In conclusion, do your research, follow your instincts, and discover the ideal cosmetic injector for you. The right choice ensures a positive experience and beautiful results. At Ivy Clinic, we're here to guide you through your journey to aesthetic enhancement.


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