So we have Botox for the fine lines, dermal fillers for the contour and volume, Cosmelan for the pigmentation but what about the extra hydration we so desperately want? Well the answer could very well be Profhilo!


This new kid on the block injectable is unlike any other injectable we have on offer – think of it like an injectable moisturiser, hydrating and plumping the skin from within.


Profhilo is designed to help increase firmness and elasticity, promoting softer, healthier looking skin. When administered by an experience clinician, this treatment can improve the look of skin tone, texture, hydration, and radiance. Commonly used on the face, Profhilo is versatile enough for the neck and décolleté, and even the arms, knees and hands.



"We were having more and more clients come to us with ageing concerns of the neck and chest region which are areas not always best addressed with injectables. After some extensive research and consulting with our medical team in Christchurch we decided that Profhilo was the answer," reports Kaylie Harrison, Cosmetic Registered Nurse at Ivy Clinic. 


Kaylie reports that reduced volume, elasticity and skin quality of the neck and chest has previously been a 'tricky to treat' area as results from other treatments haven't always lived up to expectations. However, she has seen great success with Profhilo in a wide demographic of clients with different concerns.



"We have had great success with a 52 year old client who's concerns were uneven texture and 'crepiness' of the neck region. After 2 Profhilo sessions the skin of her neck appeared tighter, smoother and less red. Needless to say, we had a very happy client."


"Another client in her early 40's was after firmer, healthier looking skin for her mid to lower face and after her 2 treatments of Pofhilo reported her skin feeling stronger, tighter, more hydrated and was so impressed with her brighter complexion she is keen for a 3rd treatment."


Kaylie recommends, for best results, starting with 2 treatments of Profhilo, 6 weeks apart and then a maintenance treatment 3 months beyond. "I'm honestly so impressed with the results I am seeing that I would recommend this treatment to almost all of my clients as an amazing skin booster from both inside and out."