Hyperpigmentation resulting from hormonal and/or environmental factors is real! So real that it is one of the five most common skin concerns of our valued clients at Ivy Clinic.  Hyperpigmentation is a natural mechanism that the skin creates to protect itself from UV radiation, with both internal and external factors effecting melanin production.

It is not possible to completely remove or stop hyperpigmentation; however, it is possible to reduce the amount of pigment leakage from damaged Melanin cells, and to remove dead skin cells to improve pigment tone on the skins surface.

I have done a lot of research into this area and how best to help our clients at Ivy Clinic.  My top two treatment approaches are:

  • Cosmelan
  • Regular skin treatments with an expert therapist focusing on depigmentation in conjunction with a consistent home care regime

COSMELAN at Ivy Clinic:

Cosmelan is a 7-month home care programme that works to correct and regulate the amount of melanin produced. We are not just treating the surface of the skin but also treating the cause of the hyperpigmentation at the melanocyte, the specialised skin cells that produce the melanin.

Case Study:

Our first client at Ivy Clinic to trial Cosmelan has generously summed up her experience for us below:

“Having been exposed to an overload of sun over the years, combined with some hormonal changes, I have found Cosmelan treatment to be really effective in treating my brown spots and the pigment discolouration on my face. I had tried it all too! When I heard about Cosmelan from the lovely ladies at Ivy Clinic I thought, why not give it a go?”

“After the initial mask application — where you go home with what can only be described as a peanut butter like substance on your face (which needs to be left on for a minimum of 8 hours!!) — I washed off the mask and went to bed feeling like I had a slightly sunburnt face.  When I woke the next morning, my face was more ‘sunburnt looking’ and over the next 5-7 days I peeled layers of skin like I was a snake in summer!”

“However, at about day five I started to notice a much more even skin tone, less pigmentation and (added bonus!) I noticed my fine lines had softened and my skin felt more supple and tighter.  I then went on to the maintenance regime, which lasts about 6 months.

“Overall, I feel my skin appearance has really improved and is much healthier looking.  I now use Ultraceutical’s Brightening Serum and Vitamin A (Retinol) for home maintenance, and of course do my best to stay protected from the sun.  I also make a 4-6 weekly visit to Ivy Clinic for a clinic treatment with my favourite therapist, and I feel the results of my Cosmelan journey are lasting much better with this regime.  I can highly recommend Cosmelan and Ivy Clinics’ expert guidance along the journey.”

*These progress photos were taken after 6 weeks of treatment, there is still 5 more months of home care to get even better results than the ones shown in these pictures. What amazing progress!