Transform Redness IPL


Soothe and repair your way to reduced redness, a healthier skin barrier and more even complexion. This programme includes next level treatments to combat the appearance of redness whether it be from sensitivity, rosacea or broken capillaries. A combo of calming ingredients and LED light therapy facials strengthen and soothe the skin. While the IPL full face treatments help diminish the 'redness causing' agents from under the skin. 

  • 1 x IPL Consultation (30min)
  • 2 x Calm & Repair (50min)
  • 4 x LED Express (10min)
  • 2 x LED Facials (30min)
  • 4 x IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment full face (50min)
  • 1 x Skin Discovery (30min)

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Or pay weekly $74.52week for 22 weeks: Pay deposit now or at first session using our Payment Plan option. 

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