High-wattage skin

BAM + Hydrobrasion + LED (60min)


Hydrobrasion + Brightening Accelerator Mask + LED therapy

Perfect for you if you are serious about brightening up your skin.

Bumping up the benefits of the BAM (Brightening Accelerator Mask), you'll receive a super-hydrating hydrobrasion pre-mask, followed with Lightstim LED therapy for brilliant, high wattage skin.

Our therapist recommends: Bam! This instantly amazing treatment will get you photo-ready pre-wedding or other special event.


The Ultra Brightening Accelerator Mask features a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide combined with a powerful Brightening Complex of Rumex Occidentalis, Octadenedoic Acid & Hexylresorcinol. This results in a more uniformed and brighter skin complexion with minimal discomfort to the skin.