Glow back in time

Hydration Rapid (30min)


Love your face when you’re run off your feet. This is a pampering hydration boost for anyone with dehydrated, sensitised skin, or an impaired skin barrier. Without super active products, this is a chance to chill a little, while caring for your face.

Massage using stones, tools or the magic of the hands is performed, easing away tension to encourage a natural state of harmony, as it contours and lifts, de-puffs and brightens.

 Benefits of our Signature Facial:

  • Gently rehydrates and supports relaxation
  • Promotes blood circulation to nourish skin
  • Diminishes the first appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves lymphatic drainage to release fluid build-up and depuff

 Boost your results: Love the effect? Come back for a longer session. To re-plump and repair skin, consider levelling up your next Signature Facial with our anti-ageing LED light therapy or use together with Dermapen treatments.