Get the all clear

Cosmelan Pack


Consultation + Lactic Peel + Cosmelan application + Product Pack  + 2nd Cosmelan application + home support

When it’s time to get serious about pigmentation from environmental factors or hormonal melasma (challenging to treat effectively) – Cosmelan is one of the ‘big guns’. 

This is a commitment to 6 months of serious skincare. First, we’ll get you into the clinic for a consultation and skin prepping Lactic Peel. One week later you’ll come back for the Cosmelan 1 peel application and home care instructions and products. (Don’t book anything for the rest of the day as you’ll need to wear the peel mask for up to 10 hours).

We’ll be right there with you over six months to help you achieve the best results.

Cosmelan is a unique, multi-ingredient procedure designed to significantly reduce areas of hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration, while unifying the skin tone and enhancing skin luminosity. We’ve found it to be one of the only treatments to effectively diminish hormonal melasma, as well as being a powerful general anti-ageing treatment.

Go full babe: Use together with Ivy Clinic Lightstim LED therapy treatments and hydrating facials for maximum effect.


Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that hydrates the skin and helps provide firmer youthful looking skin.