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Mandelic or Lactic Baseline Plus (40min)


Customised Peel + Customised Mask

A serum for your skin, and a balm for your soul. This results-driven, bespoke luxury facial combines multiple, complementary techniques to address specific skin concerns, while giving you some well-deserved pampering. 

Your expert therapist will first assess your skin and select the right peel and corrective serums for your skin type and condition. Starting with a gentle chemical peel to prepare the skin, you’ll then bask in a targeted mask, with massage for deeper penetration of the active ingredients. Emerge to face the world, with event-ready skin that’s had a whole lot of love – glowing, polished, and refined. 

Our therapist recommends: See and feel the best results from these treatments with a short course of 2-3, taken consecutively at fortnightly intervals.


Mandelic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that targets excess oil and cell build up to provide
skin clarity and deeply cleanse the skin.

Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that hydrates the skin and helps provide firmer
youthful looking skin.