Welcome to the future of beauty at Ivy Clinic, where cutting-edge treatments redefine skincare. In 2024, we're diving into a realm of rejuvenation and anti-ageing with the top 5 must-have treatments. From skin boosters to LED therapy, these treatments promise to restore, enhance, and illuminate your natural beauty.


1. Skin Boosters - Hydrate and Glow:

As time takes its toll, our skin often loses the precious hyaluronic acid that keeps it supple and hydrated. Enter Restylane® SKINBOOSTERS™ – a revolutionary treatment that restores the natural composition of your skin. By infusing micro droplets of hyaluronic acid beneath the skin's surface, this treatment provides deep and long-lasting hydration. A typical program consists of three sessions, 2-4 weeks apart, with noticeable improvement after the first session. The results? A refreshed, radiant look that stands the test of time. Regular maintenance treatments every 4-6 months ensure a lasting glow. To learn more click below and book a FREE CONSULT with our cosmetic registered nurses.  

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2. Dermaplaning - Silky Smooth Skin:

Dermaplaning, the secret to a polished complexion, removes unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells with a painless blade. Beyond the temporary removal of fine fuzz, this treatment exfoliates the skin, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion. Dermaplaning not only serves as a perfect canvas for makeup but also enhances the absorption of skincare products. With freshly exfoliated skin, your topical treatments, serums, and moisturisers penetrate more deeply, delivering optimal results.

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3. Cheek Filler - Sculpt and Define:

Cheek fillers, featuring hyaluronic acid, are a game-changer in restoring lost volume and defining facial bone structure. By strategically injecting fillers into different sections of the cheek, this treatment plumps and lifts laugh lines, diminishes undereye shadows, and even replaces contour and highlighter makeup for a naturally enhanced look. The key lies in expert placement, balancing each unique face to achieve the desired effect. To learn more click below and book a FREE CONSULT with our cosmetic registered nurses.  

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Cheek filler


 4. IPL Skin Rejuvenation - Unveil Youthful Radiance:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin growth, revitalising the skin's elasticity. This treatment addresses visible imperfections such as pigmentation and redness, resulting in firmer-looking skin and reduced pore sizes. The process involves directing IPL light energy into the skin layers, triggering the skin's natural healing process and revealing new, healthy skin. It's a journey to youthful radiance without the need for invasive measures.

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5. LED Therapy - Harnessing the Power of Light:

Light Therapy offers a myriad of benefits for various skin concerns. Ivy Clinic provides LED Therapy with three different lights: Red stimulates collagen production and boosts serotonin levels, Infrared accelerates tissue remodelling and improves collagen production, while Blue targets acne-causing bacteria. This non-invasive treatment works from the inside out, plumping up the skin naturally and maximising the benefits of skincare products without downtime. Perfect for all ages, it's a powerful and holistic approach to skincare.

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 LED light therapy

Ivy Clinic offers transformative treatments that celebrate and enhance your natural radiance. From the deep hydration of Skin Boosters to the precision of Cheek Fillers, each treatment is a step towards embracing your most radiant self. As you explore the world of beauty at Ivy Clinic, prepare to unlock the secrets to timeless allure and rejuvenation.