Once they hit their forties (and beyond), many women shy away from lip fillers thinking they will look fake. Fair enough. They don’t want to look like Desperate Housewives.

Pondering lip filler post 40? Here’s what you should know.

But lip fillers aren’t all about overfilled, obvious, fake looking lips! Lip fillers can address volume loss, smoker’s lines, dehydration and asymmetry, without a hint of the dreaded ‘trout pout’. And while dermal filler in this area won’t last as long as when it’s applied to the cheeks, you can expect the effect to stay for 9-12 months before it subtly fades again.


Here are the top 6 ways lip fillers can change your life if you’re 40+...


1) Hydration restoration

Smooth out the wrinkles and the crepiness! Here at Ivy Clinic, we use a premium quality dermal filler for the lips, made from a substance called hyaluronic acid that already occurs naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic substance –meaning it attracts moisture. This results in greater hydration of the tissues underlying and supporting the skin, wherever the filler is placed.


2) Plump up the volume

Unfortunately, ageing takes the youthful fullness of our lips and seems to either deposit it in places we don’t want it, or make it disappear. Judiciously placed dermal filler can help combat the lip volume loss that happens as we age. A small amount will subtly restore this youthful plumpness and give you back a more luscious pout, without anyone else being any the wiser.


3) Reduce ‘smoker’s lines’

Developing ‘smoker’s lines’ in your forties? And you’re not even a smoker? These vertical lines above the top lip border are also a sign of ageing and volume loss. When they start to appear, you can nip them in the bud with a subtle amount of lip filler, without it even increasing the size of your lips. (Unless you’d like to turn up the volume a notch, that is.) Bonus: wear that killer red lippy with confidence, because less of it will ‘bleed’ into those pesky lines. 

4) Correct facial asymmetry

None of us are perfectly symmetrical beings. But did you know that a little expertly placed lip filler can enhance facial symmetry by correcting uneven volume in the lips? And while it can’t alter alignment issues with the teeth and jaw, applied correctly, it can be a highly effective way to give that illusion. As well as symmetry, lip filler can enhance the proportions of the top and bottom lip.


5) Enhance lip proportions

Beautiful lips aren’t just full, they also have balanced proportions. As well as symmetry, lip filler can be used to enhance the proportions of the top and bottom lip. When you speak to a Cosmetic Registered Nurse, they’ll pay careful attention to looking at lip proportion as well as volume and symmetry – considering the balance of upper to lower lip height.


6) Boost confidence!

With all the above being said… One of the results we love the most for both men and women over 40 – is what a little lip filler can do on the inside. If you feel good, you’ll look good. You can now smile without your top lip doing a disappearing act. And the best part is – when dermal filler is injected by a highly skilled practitioner, no one else need ever know. Just prepare for compliments about how fresh you look.


Love to emphasise your freshly plumped lips with a pop of lipstick? Let’s open the toybox!


At Ivy clinic, we’re not about making you look ‘done’, weird, or just not like you. Feel free to read more about dermal fillers and whether they might be right for you. Or book a free consultation at Ivy Clinic with a Cosmetic Registered Nurse.