Welcome to my skincare journey, a tale of transformation, self-discovery, and the incredible impact of Ivy Clinic.

Two years ago, I stepped through the doors of Ivy Clinic, clueless about how to care for my skin and prone to impulsive skincare choices that wreaked havoc on my complexion. Little did I know that this initial visit would mark the beginning of a remarkable voyage towards radiant and healthy skin.

From the moment I experienced my first treatment at Ivy Clinic, I was blown away by the expertise and genuine passion exuded by the knowledgeable staff. They guided me on an enlightening path, educating me about my skin's needs and introducing me to Ultraceuticals, a skincare brand that would become my holy grail.

With a newfound dedication to a consistent morning and evening routine, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in my skin—gone were the breakouts and blemishes, replaced by a luminous glow that I had only dreamed of.

(Before- left; after- right. Demonstrates a reduction in blemishes, irritation, hyper-pigmentation & fine lines plus improved hydration & skin strength).

Regular visits to Ivy Clinic every 5-6 weeks have become a cherished ritual, a rejuvenating escape from the demands of everyday life. The treatments are nothing short of amazing. The radiant aftermath, coupled with soothing skin treatments and indulgent hand massages, leaves me feeling refreshed and revitalised on every occasion.

As I have bid farewell to bad habits and embraced a more a disciplined approach, my skin has thrived. No longer drowning in a sea of skincare products, I now know exactly what my skin needs and I'm diligent about applying the right ones.

The results? Pigmentation fading, blemishes disappering, and my skin exudes an undeniable freshness and radiance. 


 (UV Light - shows reduction in hyper-pigmentation caused by sun damage predominately through the central panel). 

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Quick Fire 5 with Gennady...

1) Fav skincare product and why?

Ultimate SPF 50 Hydrating Moisturiser - it's kept my skin safe from sunburn over summer and is the number one thing I won’t ever not put on my face.

2) Hottest skin tip?

Routine! It's so important to have a good routine when it comes to your skin. Every morning and every night I apply the same products and my skin looks better than ever.

3) Fav treatment at Ivy Clinic and why?

'Mandelic Dialled to the Max' is my favourite. It combats oily skin and breakouts plus I always walk out feeling so refreshed. 

4) If you could tell your teenage self something about skincare what would it be?

Start using the right skin care earlier. I never did anything to my skin and I most certainly never wore sunscreen. Oh if I could turn back time!

5) Worst skin habit you have had to kick to improve your skin?

I used to have a whole lot of random, unprescribed skin care not know what to do with it. It left my skin in constant breakouts and redness but now that's a thing of the past.


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