But is it all it’s hyped up to be?

So you’re after fuller lips but are either put off by the potential of looking ‘too fake’ or you simply don’t have room in your present budget for a high-end filler treatment.

Well we may just have the solution — the casual little Lip Flip. 

Ok, let’s rewind a bit …

Fuller lips are commonly and most effectively achieved by injecting Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring gel-like substance, into both your upper and lower lips. This procedure achieves greater physical volume and, if administered by a skilled professional, a more glamorous shape.

For best results, we recommend beginning with 1ml of filler at a starting cost of about $700. The procedure takes between 45-60 minutes. Yes, there will be a bit of discomfort but the results are AMAZING and can last anywhere from 9 to 12 months.

But a new trend is taking the injectable world by storm right now — The Lip Flip. So what is it? Botox® or Dysport® (muscle relaxants) are strategically injected into the “orbicularis oris” (the muscle around the mouth), relaxing the muscle fibres. As a result, the top lip rolls outwards (essentially flipping the top lip up), creating the illusion of a fuller lip but without actually adding any volume. The procedure is all of around $39 and takes only minutes to perform, with minimal pain and discomfort.

The Lip Flip does sound like a dream for those wanting to achieve a fuller appearance of the lips at a lower price point, right? Well, kind of…

Lip augmentation via filler versus Botox® or Dysport®

Remember, filler is very different to Botox® or Dysport® and thus achieves different results. Filler adds real volume, literally making the lips larger whereas Botox® or Dysport® relax the injected muscles, creating in this instance the illusion of a fuller lip without adding any real volume.

And while you will notice the Lip Flip effects start to diminish at around 3 months, a true lip filler treatment can last 3 to 4 times longer.

The Verdict

The Lip Flip is a genuine treatment and it actually does give the appearance of a fuller top lip for a minor investment in both time and money. It’s definitely worth a shot if a slightly fuller, more turned out top lip is all you’re after; however, if you want true lip volume and a more glamorous shape that lasts longer than the Flip, we strongly recommend choosing filler to achieve your desired results.

Setting expectations is extremely important in the world of cosmetic medicine, but if you’re not quite ready for the deep-end dive of a filler, why not try a little Flip?

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Botox® is a prescription medicine for the treatment of frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet round the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox is right for you. If you have side effects see your doctor. You will need to pay for Botox® and clinic fees will apply. For details on precautions & side effects consult your healthcare professional or the Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) at www.medsafe.govt.nz. Botox® treatment lasts about 4 months and further courses of treatment may be necessary. Should only be administered by trained medical professionals. (contains botulinum toxin A 50,100 & 200 units) Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.

DYSPORT® (Clostridium botulinum type A toxin-haemagglutinin complex, 500 IPSEN units) is a Prescription Medicine for the treatment of vertical frown lines between the eyebrows. It should be administered only by trained medical professionals. DYSPORT® has risks and benefits. For more information, talk to your healthcare professional or read the Consumer Medicine Information available at www.medsafe.govt.nz. ​Ask your specialist if DYSPORT® is right for you. Always follow your specialist’s instructions. If you experience side effects and they concern you, see your healthcare professional. You will need to pay for DYSPORT® and for the administration and consultation charges. Galderma c/o Healthcare Logistics 58 Richard Pearse Drive Airport Oaks, Auckland, New Zealand. 0800 174 104